Communicate. Connect. Convert. Create Business.

Communicate. Connect. Convert. Create Business.

Code Seven delivers effective web sites around your business goals. Our strategy is simple, we focus on your vision, apply a deep understanding of Internet develop of web sites with online experiences, which are dynamic, interactive, focused, and connected.

For 10 years we have built custom software that helps our clients consistently increase business through successful integration with customers, operations, business partners, key stakeholders, suppliers and employees.

Code Seven guarantee solutions that engage your target audience, and provide a means to measure and ensure a return on your investment.

There has been a major shift in the nature of both traditional and internet business. To obtain visibility and brand recognition, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methodologies must be integrated with a targeted social media footprint. Establishing an effective website involves more than writing code; it requires carefully executed strategies and programs implemented and continually refined over the long-term.

Online retail growth demands a website that is more than simply a visually attractive vehicle to process transactions. It demands a website that promotes product and attracts qualified traffic interested in what you are selling.

The objective is to address three key audiences simultaneously: visitors, search engines and social networks. This requires the right SEO tools, link building strategies, and appropriate social media.

The internet’s latest evolution, Web 2.0, is rich with tools that are replacing what traditional advertising does – persuade consumers to buy a company’s products or services. We use these tools to get the consumers involved, inviting them to engage in marketing-related activities ranging from product ideas to consumer feedback to customer service. The “search web” is evolving into the “social web” and we offer you the capabilities that most effectively take advantage of this evolution.

These social media and link building tools and strategies are dynamic and unique to your business. There is no “one-size-fits-all” template. Nor is there a simple solution that once implemented today, is necessarily going to serve you effectively tomorrow. We partner with you over the long-term to continually refine strategies and solutions to continually engage your audience and drive sales.