Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions

Solutions as Unique as the Customer

While off-the-shelf applications are generically designed to meet the core requirements of most businesses, companies may really require something that is unique to their business to gain competitive advantage.  This applies to both the front-end—the web design, the eCommerce storefront, the social media that effectively promotes products and services—as well as the back-end operations that must effectively integrate with other internal technologies and processes. You may think you’re getting something quick and inexpensive by going the pre-packaged route, but the fact is it’s going to cost you twofold, both in a bland web presence that doesn’t get people excited about your products and services, but, moreover, with added expenses from technology that you have to maintain and that frequently doesn’t work well with your established systems.

That’s where Code Seven is truly different. We build custom solutions from the ground up that make an appreciable difference to the bottom-line. Because we manage the underlying technologies, we can actually help reduce customer IT overhead. By outsourcing design and maintenance to Code Seven, customers can spend their time developing clients and new products/services, instead of developing and maintaining software.

The idea behind Code Seven started with a core group of seven individuals who had all worked together for years and shared a commitment and passion for providing companies customized technology (code) solutions.  Our team of web designers, content producers and programmer consultants are able to quickly create, modify and customize and develop technology and web sites that cater to customer needs.

The Code Seven philosophy is simple: Everything is Possible to Achieve Customer Goals.

Code Seven provides SEO marketing, web design and copy, eCommerce and social media content services employing custom technologies to optimize  business goals and bottom-line performance. For more information, visit our website at www.codesevenllc.com and request general information at contact@codesevenllc.com or call 856.397.7936.