Content Management

Our content management systems are an affordable and workable solution that enables you to manage web content easily and efficiently. It’s an ideal application for Web Administrators utilizing the Active Server Pages platform (ASP), easily keeping content up-to-date without the need to know extensive web programming.

Application Features


• Immediate updating capability
• No HTML experience necessary
• All you need is a computer, browser and internet access
• The site can grow horizontally and vertically
• Add new categories and content easily
• Set up a range of security levels
• Article scheduling lets you post and remove articles at any time
• Download multiple file formats: Word, Excel, PDF’s and/or PowerPoint presentations
• Image upload with preview – without requiring FTP
• Save time – no waiting, do it yourself
• Save money – no additional programming costs
• Instant up to date information available to your customers
• Flexible. Easy to update. Printer-friendly
• No additional software required
• Unlimited users per hosting environment