Time Cost Manager

Time Cost Manager

Tracking time and cost for projects has always been a challenge, which are essential to ongoing profitability. Most traditional means to tackle these activities, are inadequate, cumbersome, costly and overly complex for most companies.


Not any more. The time is here. Time Cost Manager

Time Cost Manager is uniquely suited to the specific billing and timesheet needs across all industries, both large and small. Our clients have discovered how Time Cost Manager immediately helps improve accountability and simple project management.

Custom Fit.  Instead of Force Fit

Off-the-shelf applications are generically designed to meet the core requirements of most businesses. In order for you to gain a competitive advantage, you may require something unique. That’s where we come in. We can customize Time Cost Manager to suit your exact needs and existing procedures and workflow.

For example, Time Cost Manager customized features an end-to-end automated workflow process, that generates competitive print production bids. This application uploads and attaches required artwork, provides production specifications, adds any additional out-of-pocket cost and collects time/rate entries used for project management. It saves previous request history for edits and replenishing. And provides a  cost-savings report which provides percentage of competitive bidding compared to historic spend.

Code Seven web-based solutions are not off-the-self applications. Each one is custom built around your proven business practices, giving you the best possible control of all aspects of your daily operating procedures and work flow logistics. Our team of web designers and programmer consultants are able to quickly modify, and customize your databases and develop applications in order to cater to our customers’ needs.

  • Ability to enter Personnel profiles and permission level
  • Ability to enter Department
  • Enter Task performed by staff on regular basis
  • Enter each task the team performs during the course of a project (e.g. Strategic Planning, Copy writing, Production, etc.).
  • Enter tasks and the billable rate for that service.
  • Enter new Project information
  • Users can add/edit project current status.
  • Details appear on project reports and are searchable to assist locating a particular project.
  • Personnel can login and add Project Cost (out-of-pocket) to projects
  • Personnel can login and produce a summary Project Report
    –  Includes summary of Task (labor) billable time, Project Cost (out-of-pocket) and Non-billable Time
    –  Option to include Printing Cost (awarded vendor)
  • Summary of Project Cost
    You can search a summary of costs across all projects on the Project Costs
  • Time Summary by Employee, by date range across all projects.
  • Export to Excel or PDF format.