Quote Procurement

A totally integrated application designed to merge technology with on-line ordering, fulfillment, restocking, purchasing and precision inventory management giving companies competitive advantages and improved time to market. GET A QUOTE – The tool that helps YOU make the best purchasing decisions possible!

Application Features

• Totally integrates all logistics and communications for precision inventory management
• Built on a solid, but flexible, web-based system to meet complex requirements
• Complete visibility allowing managers to share useful information, approve orders, replenish and analyze inventory history
• Automated email notifications when inventory is running low – before it’s too late
• You can make the best purchasing decisions possible – in the least amount of time
• Eliminates the hassle of getting immediate and competitive quotes
• M&B is a non-bias party – simply providing useful information
• When printers compete you WIN!
• Eliminates excessive paperwork and unnecessary phone calls
• Provides a way to follow and track all phases of quoting and reordering of materials
• Consolidation in one place – totally integrated with 24/7 access
• Optimize and leverage your total spend
• Saves you money