Define. Design. Develop. Deploy.

Define. Design. Develop. Deploy.

The one thing many of our best customers tell us they like best about working with us, is the “Partnership Solution” approach developed in the beginning.

Our “Partnership Solution” approach is what our customers like best about working with us. Because we truly listen to our customers, we can help them reach—and often exceed—their business goals. 

By listening closely, we openly discuss, determine and agree on the best solutions.  We work together in applying innovative thinking, practical tools and services, and high-powered technology to unearth business value, define a plan of action and solve business challenges that are consistent with your budget and financial needs.

Our Partnership Solution approach comprises:



We work together to establish your needs and marketing goals and, in the process, become familiar with every aspect of your business.  Based on what we’ve learned, we prepare a Scope of Work (SOW) outlining a solution that sets forth a vision for success. Specifically, we focus on the following activities during this stage:



  • Planning/Discovery
  • Project Planning
  • Requirements Definition
  • Conceptual System Design


Following your review and approval of the SOW proposal, our development team designs your website to your specifications, consistent with your strategic goals and budget. The Design comprises:

  • Prototyping
  • Functional Design
  • Technical Design
  • System Architecture
  • Training Plan
  • Test Plan


Immediately following your approval of all Functional Design documentation, our design and development team builds your solution. This encompasses building a database, writing web content, and coding the site.

Software development is a highly iterative process. It is common for parts of an application to go through the “Define, Design, Develop, Deploy” steps several times until we get it exactly right. For example, we might discover that a billing module doesn’t work exactly as intended while in the develop stage. This would cause us to clarify the requirements (define stage) and revisit the design, before making the required coding changes. Bottom line: it’s a dynamic process.

The develop stage is usually the most time consuming. During this stage we are involved with activities pertaining the assembly, testing and documentation of your new software. Other activities that we perform during this stage include:

  • Application Coding
  • Testing/Quality Assurance
  • User Documentation
  • Program Documentation
  • Change Management


Once developed to your satisfaction, the site is placed “live” on the server. We closely monitor all site activities to ensure that there are no unexpected issues. Database tables are populated with the latest version of production data. All client internal and operations processes associated with the site are implemented and validated. Client training also occurs during the early stages of this phase.

The deployment of your software is possibly the most important aspect of the whole process. In many respects, this is when the project really begins.  Your people are using it, your customers are logging on, this is where we get a true picture of how well the site is performing, and where we need to make tweaks.  Potential subsequent enhancements to the site are also identified for future consideration.

Here are the final steps to deployment:

  • Hardware/Software Installation
  • Data Conversion
  • User Training
  • Support Training
  • Post Implementation Review