Lance Roman Launches New Website,
Announces Partnerships to Fast Track Internet Business

(Pennsauken, N.J., July 21, 2011) Lance Roman, principal of Lance Roman & Partners (LR Partners) an award-winning creative director and eCommerce business development manager focusing on Atlantic region and national accounts, today announced the launch of his new company website ( The website details the unique range of capabilities and competencies available to help businesses more effectively market their products and services, increase traffic to their website, improve social media utilization, design and implement software and web platforms that achieve marketing goals.

“A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that Internet marketing is just building a cool looking website,” Roman points out.  “Sure, that’s part of it, but if you don’t do all the behind-the-scenes work—SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords to generate traffic, social media integration, back office software development, blog posts and links to key reciprocating sites — your nice looking website isn’t doing you much good because it’s not reaching your target audience. In contrast, our approach at LR Partners is to build customized B2B and B2C web-based applications that cost-effectively streamline back office operations and achieve marketing goals by dramatically expanding Internet footprint.”

Lance Roman offers an outstanding record of achievement in developing successful ROI Internet business models used to leverage technology, streamline logistics, increase business profits, optimize web presence and build creative brand strategy. His client list includes: The New York Times, LG Electronics, Subaru, Verizon, BP Castrol, Novo Nordisk, Conde Nast Publications Sunshine, Keebler, M&M Mars, Sunoco, Aplus Mini Marts, NJ Cure, Marvel / Fleer Comics, AT&T, Warner-Lambert, Alpo, Tyco Toys, Mattel, Mettler-Toledo, Gillette, Philips Lighting, Johnson & Johnson and Quaker Foods.

“The idea behind LR Partners is to gather the various resources I’ve used over the years for web design, copywriting, SEO marketing, eCommerce applications and customized software development under one roof, so to speak. My clients know me and are confident in my ability to achieve significant business results for them,” Roman emphasizes. “While my clients don’t necessarily need to personally know each and every one of my partners, they can be confident I rely on only the ‘best-in-business class’ to help me fully realize their objectives. I firmly believe in being totally transparent about how I do business. All my partnerships are based on trust, integrity and a responsibility to build business together. The only way we can reach our goals is to achieve the goals of our clients.”

LR Partners provides SEO marketing, web design, eCommerce and custom software solutions that fast track and increase Internet business with online experiences that are dynamic, interactive, focused and connected to operations, business partners, key stakeholders and return on investment. For more information, visit our website at and request general information at or call 856.397.7936.