On Time. On Target. On Budget.

On Time. On Target. On Budget.

Code Seven sources the best, most innovative minds in the industry, fusing our extensive business experience, insight and expertise to develop complete, cost-effective solutions that achieve your goals and satisfy your needs. Our breadth of competencies and proven success comes with competitive pricing coupled with a results-orientation unrivaled in the industry.

Because employees at Code Seven all have an ownership stakes, and “we do the work”, we can:

  • Eliminate middleman mark-up and pass savings on to our clients
  • Give customers immediate answers, instead of excuses
  • Be much more responsive and flexible in our relationship
  • Save clients time and pay less for superior products and services

We are different – which makes the difference our customers need

Project Budget and Cost Justification

Every project is unique. Because there is no such thing as a typical project, the best way to find out what your project might cost is for us to review your requirements and business objectives and discuss all financial considerations, including: cost, budgets, and cost justification.

In our industry it is always easier to estimate smaller projects accurately, but as the scope and complexity increases, estimates become much more difficult, and sometime we recommend you are invoiced on time and material (T&M). We estimate the time your project will take based on our experience with similar projects, and as long as the scope doesn’t change, that’s the price you pay.

Getting a Quote 

You probably have two main questions – how much and how long? Our process is setup to answer those two questions (and much more) within a few days, depending of course on the size and complexity of your project. The quote we provide you with is free, and there is no obligation.